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IG001   100 Fortunes
EB17E   14kt goldfilled and sterling disc earrings
GFX14b   14kt goldfilled links and textured and hammered sterling oval bracelet
GFX94e   14kt goldfilled open link with sterling stamped bead earring
GFX93e   14kt goldfilled oval with white freshwater pearl earring
GFX1PE   14kt goldfilled small hammered circle post earrings
GFX26e   14kt goldfilled spiral in oxidized sterling cup earring
GFX151n   14kt goldfilled spiral set in sterling dapped pendant necklace
JB054   3 Rod Hardware
GWP1n   3 white coin pearls suspended in sterling frame. Gold wrap accents. Lobster clasp. Adjsutable to 18"L.
RS111   Aerobicats
Saltzman002   After the Rain
AG182   Alf's Cat
AG343   Almond filigree
Gtj020   American Flag Bracelet
Gtj019   American Flag Earrings
635p   Angel pendant
JN9   Apple Green Art Glass Earrings
LW103   Apples
JN20   Aqua Marine Blue Glass Peace Pendant
94e   Arch earrings
Terrell003   Archer
AG250   Art Glass
CQ150   Art Glass Cloquette
TC010   Art Glass Tall Cloquette
AG297   Art Nouveau Flower
TC015   Art Nouveau Flower Tall Cloquette
LU013   Art Nouveau Gourd Box- Large
LU014   Art Nouveau Gourd Box- Medium
LU015   Art Nouveau Gourd Box- Petite
TC020   Art Nouveau Rose & Beige Tall Cloquette
TC021   Art Nouveau Rose & Brown Tall Cloquette
AG295   Arts & Crafts
JB035   Arts & Crafts
VT081   Asian
Epstein012   Autumn Grove
JN24   Baby Blue Peace Sign Earrings
ML029   Baby Raccoon
MS010   Barn 1
MS011   Barn 2
MS012   Barn 3
MS013   Barn 4
MS014   Barn 5
JB051   Base #1
JB041   Base #10
JB040   Base #11
JB039   Base #12
JB038   Base #13
JB037   Base #16
JB036   Base #17
JB050   Base #2
JB048   Base #3
JB047   Base #4
JB046   Base #5
JB045   Base #6
JB044   Base #7
JB043   Base #8
JB042   Base #9
CW101   Bees
PCDAH111   Bees- Petite Hand Carved Gourd Ornament
Terrell008   Big Day
RS124   Bird Houses
AG141   Bird on Branch
FL074   Bird Tapestry
CL140   Bird Tapestry Large Clock
LW104   Birds 2
RS112   Birds 2
CQ225   BirdTapestry Cloquette
JN7   Black Glass Drop Fused Earrings
JN15   Black Glass Glob Necklace
PCDAH171   Blonde Owl- Petite Hand Carved Gourd Ornament
JN17   Blown blud glass heart earrings
FL096   Blue Blossoms
08NTR045   Blue Quartz Necklace by Nance Trueworthy
RS304   blueberries
MS018   Boat 1
MS019   Boat 2
MS020   Boat 3
AG183   Bob's Dog
JN11   Bold Band Silver Ring
VAL   Bowl of hearts
CT017   Brown Bear
GFX18pe   Brushed 14kt goldfilled circle with sterling etch sunburst post earring
08NTR035   Buddha Necklace
08HS036   Buddha pendant with Chrysoprase and Onyx
Terrell001   Buffle Heads
CT028   Bull Moose
TC066   Bull Moose BlueTall Cloquette
AFU008   Bull Moose house number
CL017   Bull Moose Large Clock
TC065   Bull Moose SandTall Cloquette
CQ060   Bull Moose-Blue Cloquette
CQ065   Bull Moose-Sand Cloquette
RS102   Bunnies
SB101   Butterflies
AFU007   Butterfly house number
CQ070   Butterly Specimens Cloquette
08HS008   Carnelian Cat Pendant Necklace
08HS026b   Carnelian Flower Earrings
08NTR048   Carnelian Rondelle and Yellow Carved Chalcedony Necklace
08NTR006   Carved Bone Necklace by Nance Trueworthy
08NTR036   Carved Quartz Leaf Necklace by Nance Trueworthy
08NTR005   Carved Vintage Bone Necklace by Nance Trueworthy
08HS035   Carved Winking Moon with Magenta Turquoise Pendant
ML027   Cat Nap
DH303   Cat Pack
PS101   Cat Paw Prints
JN1   Cat's Eye Glass Silver Ring
ZCDAH117   Cat- Petite Hand Carved Gourd Ornament
RS101   Cats
FE002   Catskill Creek
CQ205   Celtic Cloquette
Gtj017   Celtic Symbol Earrings- Royal Blue
Gtj018   Celtic Symbol Earrings- Teal
08HS033   Chakra People Necklace
08HS033b   Chakra People Necklace
JN4   Chandelier Necklace
Saltzman004   Chasing a Dream
RS508   Cherries
JB006   Cherry Blossom
CT076   Chicadee
ML024   Chickadee
CQ125   Chickadee Cloquette
RS106   Chickens
SCRG143N   Chickens- Petite Hand Carved Gourd Ornament
RS129   Chilies on the Vine
RS504   Chilis
Rp015   Chocolate charmer
HFB180p   Classic Dancer Pendant
HFB111bd   Classic Pendant
HFB651p   Classic Pendant
CO117   Classical Music
CQ045   Classical Music Cloquette
CL038   Classical Music Large Clock
TC030   Classical Music Tall Cloquette
SV010   Cluster Pearl chain earrings
RS801   Coffee
Rp003   Coffee Beans
AG258   Concentric
Rp006   Corgi coffee
298e   Couple earrings
525r   Couple spooning ring
RS109   Cows
AG296   Craftsman
TC025   Craftsman Tall Cloquette
CT040   Crane
RS808   Cupcakes
GFX64n   Cupped oxidized sterling oval with 14kt goldfill oval accent on chain necklace. Lobster clasp. Adjustable from 18"-20" long.
VT030   Cutlery
CL119   Cutlery Large Clock
JB43   Dahlia 4 Panel Oak Craftsman Lamp
CO136   Daisy Bee
CQ050   Daisy Bee Cloquette
CL043   Daisy Bee Large Clock
TC035   Daisy Bee Tall Cloquette
08HS046   Dancing Man Sterling Necklace with Onyx
JB026   Dark Floral
JBP006   Dark Floral Pillow
JB007   Deco Tulips
Rp002   Determined German
JN22   Diamond Shaped Earrings
Rp024   Dixie love
RS804   Dog and Cat Life
DH302   Dog and Cat Pack
DH301   Dog Pack
PS102   Dog Paw Prints
RS503   Dogs
381e   Double dancers earrings
12DT003   Down The Klove
Terrell013   Down the Klove
RS131   Dragonfly
TC040   Dragonfly Bullrush Tall Cloquette
CO163   Dragonfly Bulrush
CQ055   Dragonfly Bulrush Cloquette
CL042   Dragonfly Bulrush Large Clock
RO004   Dragonfly Etched 10" Bowl
RO005   Dragonfly Etched 6" Bowl
RO003   Dragonfly Etched Carafe- 42 oz.
RO006   Dragonfly Etched Cooler- 15 oz.
RO001   Dragonfly Etched Glasses 19 Oz.
RO002   Dragonfly Etched Glasses 19 Oz. Balloon
JB009   Dragonfly Green
AFU001   Dragonfly house number
RO007   Dragonfly Martini Glass- 10 oz.
CO164   Dragonfly Silhouette
08HS009   Druzy Stone with Sterling Silver Woman Necklace
RS803   Ducks
ML034   Eagle Landing
JN12   Eastern Petal Drop Earring
JN13   Eastern Petal Drop Necklace
Gtj023   EKG Bracelet
VT100   Embroidery
08HS052   Empress Pendant Necklace
GFX14e   Etched sterling disc and large 14kt goldfilled hoop earring
GWP39e   Etched sterling disc wrapped with 14kt goldfilled wire earring
GFX78N   Etched sterling ring wrapped in 14kt goldfilled and sterling wire with hanging white coin pearl necklace. 16" adjustable to 18". Lobster clasp.
FE004   Everglades
GWP22e   Faceted white pearl wrapped in 14kt goldfilled wire earring
CQ082   Fantasy Bird Cloquette
CQ083   Fantasy Bird White Cloquette

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